Tent rental

Chill Village offers accommodation services for festivals as well as classic tent rentals.
Our tents are luxurious, stylish while providing eco-friendly accommodation ideal for glamping and other occasions:

  • team building, weddings, corporate events, outdoor adventures,
  • social events
  • camps
  • social spaces:
  • children’s play area, chill zone, theatre tent…
  • facilities and other support and variable objects with a wide range of uses
  • luxury camping with friends in the countryside, campsite or garden

We can accommodate up to 1300 people.

All tents are waterproof and have a solid base. The side tarps of the tent can be rolled up to allow complete ventilation of the tent. The simple, time-tested construction can withstand even the most severe weather. The circular shape, the roof structure and the single-mast construction create a large and pleasant space in which you do not feel cramped even when the tent is fully occupied.

Dimensions: ø 5m (the tent is suitable for 5-6 people) ø 6m (the tent is suitable for 7-8 people)

Material: ground – waterproof PVC, canvas – impregnated cotton

Equipment is variable from empty to fully equipped family tent

  • quality inflatable
  • mattress / single/double
  • pallet beds
  • pillows, blankets
  • cotton sheets
  • tables
  • rugs
  • hangers
  • seating
  • LED lighting with solar charging

We will be happy to help you plan and produce the entire implementation process

  • advice on “working with space”
  • transport
  • construction
  • decoration
  • 24-hour reception
  • 24-hour professional supervision
  • demolition