Lockerboxes rental

In addition to tent rentals, we also offer the rental of storage lockers, lockerboxes (secure, lockable lockers with their own key), which are designed to put away not only clothes and other personal belongings of visitors to the event. This is a great alternative to traditional cloakrooms. Their biggest advantage over traditional cloakrooms is unlimited access for the duration of the event without waiting in queues.

Visitors can put their clothes, valuables and other personal belongings in their lockable locker and have unlimited access to them for the duration of the event, without waiting in line. The lockers are guarded by a security agency and are usually also under camera surveillance. The large locker capacity encourages you to rent a lockerbox with friends and share the rental price. The capacity of the lockerbox is 4 jackets or 3 jackets and a backpack. The dimensions are 30x30x50 cm.

We will bring the lockers, install them in the designated place, serve the visitors of your event and pay you the pre-arranged commission. For a quote and more information, please contact us.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to seeing you!