Privacy policy

The company Chill Village s.r.o., ID: 05215277 with its registered office at Prokopova 148/15, Žižkov, 130 00 Praha 3, Czech Republic (the data controller, hereinafter referred to as the “Controller”), processes the personal data of the visitors of its events and other individuals who provide the Controller with their contact details or participate in its online event.

The visitor is admitted to the festival if he or she presents a ticket at the club entrance (if pre-sale takes place).

For its legitimate commercial interests, the Controller organizes events focusing on promotion and visitor recruitment (e.g. contests), which require the collection of the participants’ (potential visitors’) e-mail addresses for the purpose of providing newsletters. These e-mail addresses obtained from various sources are then stored for an unlimited (but variable – see below) period of time in a database (mailing list), which is used for sending out newsletters, event notifications and other promotional offers. With respect to all mass e-mail newsletters, the addressee always has the option to have his or her e-mail address permanently removed from the Controller’s mailing list by simply clicking a link in the e-mail body should he or she no longer wish to receive such e-mails from the Controller.

The sources from which e-mail addresses are collected are the following:, voluntary submission via interaction with hostesses or ambassadors, or submission of an online contest survey via Google Forms. If the e-mail address was obtained by means of direct interaction with the data subject, his or her country of residence is also recorded for the purposes of classifying the subject’s address into the respective language subdatabase (“Czech” or “English”), since mass e- mails are sent out in Czech and English versions.

The Controller produces photographs and audiovisual recordings of its events and publishes them on its website and Youtube. These recordings are always intended to capture mass scenes, not detailed portraits of individual visitors, let alone individual visitors performing private activities.

The Controller uses the following internet services: cookies, Google Analytics, FB Pixel, and Youtube Data, and it runs Facebook contests (status sharing) as well as other contests on the Controller’s website (typically in the form of Google Forms surveys). Cookies details are described in a dedicated cookies toolbar on this website.

Your rights related to the processing of your personal data

You have the right to access your personal data. You have the right to receive a confirmation from the Controller stating whether the personal data pertaining to you are or are not processed, or whether your identity is included in one of the databases described above. If the answer is yes, you are entitled to know what particular details are processed in connection with your identity, as well as the following information:

a) purpose(s) of data processing – see information on the processing of personal data above;

b) category of personal data being processed – you as a visitor or e-mail and computer user;

c) recipients or category of recipients to whom personal data were or will be disclosed – there are no recipients, as the Controller does not disclose collected personal data to any other parties, and the Controller’s associates are under the obligation of secrecy;

d) period for which the personal data are planned to be stored – see information on the processing of personal data above, web browser settings, and FB profile settings.

You have the right to have your data deleted from our database(s). With respect to the mailing list, you have the simple option to have your e-mail address removed using the procedure described above. Furthermore, you can ask the Controller to remove your personal data from all databases maintained by the Controller. Keep in mind that by having your data removed from one of the secondary databases you lose all the benefits linked to your identity in that given subdatabase.

You have the right to obtain from the Controller the rectification of erroneous, inaccurate, outdated or incomplete personal data. When applying for such a correction, update or addition, you have the right to request the processing of your personal data to be restricted until your application has been approved (or verified, as the case may be).

You have the right to raise objections against the processing of your personal data. In reality, this may be applicable to the above-mentioned option of having your data removed from any of the databases. In relation to published photographs and audiovisual recordings, you have the right to object to the publication of such media that contain your likeness, and the Controller shall be obliged to blur the appropriate part of the image in question or withdraw and delete the concerned photograph/recording.

Please send your requests and complaints regarding the processing of your personal data to  The regulatory body supervising the processing of personal data is the Office for Personal Data Protection, with its registered office at Pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00, Praha 7, Czech Republic (